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Borescope Inspections

Kabamba Aerospace owns a 2019 Olympus Iplex G Lite Borescope equipped with software and tips (lenses) to make measurements.

We offer Borescope Inspections for the following engine types:

P&WC PT6A series, including PT6A-6, PT6A-10, PT6A-11, PT6A-15, PT6A-20, PT6A-21, PT6A-25, PT6A-27, PT6A-28, PT6A-34, PT6A-35, PT6A-36, PT6A-38, PT6A-41, PT6A-42, PT6A-45, PT6A-50, PT6A-52, PT6A-60, PT6A-61, PT6A-62, PT6A-64, PT6A-65, PT6A-66, PT6A-67

P&WC PW100 series, including PW118, PW119, PW120, PW121, PW123, PW124, PW125, PW126, PW127

P&WC PW600 series, including PW615 & PW617

P&WC PW150A to start Q3 2020

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