• Engine Maintenance Consulting & Borescope Inspections

Engine Valuations

Kabamba Aerospace provides valuations for aircraft engines. Regional airlines, leasing companies, banks and courts typically require engine valuations used for sales transactions and accounting purposes, such as book values.

Typically the following information is required for an engine valuation:

  • Engine type
  • Engine serial number
  • Engine TSN, CSN, TSO, CSO
  • Life Limited Parts (LLP) status
  • Service Bulletin (SB) and Airworthyness Directives (AD) note status
  • Repair and overhaul history
  • Status of engine: on-wing or off-wing
  • Incident and accident history - if any
  • Line Replaceable Unit (LRU) / engine accssory status
  • Geographical area of operation

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