Kabamba Aerospace GmbH has been in business since 2008 and we have been involved in Engine Maintenance Consulting on turbine engines since 2013. We have processed more than 500 engines for repair or overhaul. Therefore we can revert to a very large shop visit expertise.

What we do

We support Airlines and Corporate Operators around the world on the maintenance of their Aircraft Engines. Kabamba Aerospace is independently from any OEM or any Maintenance, Repair or Overhaul (MRO) facility.

Our main and only objective is your benefit whilst operating or processing your engines for maintenance, repair, or overhaul. This benefit will translate into a combination of substantial cost savings, lower operational cost, optimized turn-around-times (TAT) and higher aircraft availability due to higher engine durability respectively availability.

Kabamba Aerospace is an EASA Part-145 Maintenance Organization (DE.145.0076) for Borescope Inspections on CFM56, PW100, PW150, PT6A and JT15D engines.